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“What is AR!SE?” - Hannah Tan, Co-founder

Credits: Evelyn Yeo

Hey everyone,

Since we started, this has been and still is the number one most frequently asked question: “What is AR!SE?” After getting up and running for just over a year...

Today is the day that you finally get your answer.

Humble beginnings

Prior to the conception of the AR!SE brand, baking cakes & selling coffee seemed like the natural step before eventually opening a cafe - which still is a dream of mine. While the process of experimenting with ingredients and concocting recipes have been fun and fruitful, what I have found to be the most meaningful are the moments that I share with my customers. Most of them would stop by my place to collect their orders and end up staying for hours because of the genuine conversations we would have. Some of them would spontaneously bring along their friends who have become my friends too!

Many of these conversations brought to the table authentic stories and unadulterated perspectives on a plethora of relatable topics and issues that plague our world today. What makes these sessions so precious have been the growth and changes that have been taking place in the lives of my customers turned friends, which have also impacted mine greatly.

It isn't just about you.

These sessions often leave me in a state of deep contemplation and introspection. When I consider the summary of my life experiences, I feel nothing but gratitude for every single one of them. They have been pivotal in holistically shaping my worldview in the most unimaginable ways and I would not want to change any of it even if I could turn back time. Every time I bond over a cup of coffee or dessert with another person, it becomes apparent how we can powerfully impact another soul with our life experiences. Be it for a lifetime, a season, or just for that moment, there is always potential for us to enlighten others through our authenticity and wisdom.

The birth of AR!SE

Hence, together with like-minded loved ones, the AR!SE brand was conceived out of a shared vision for everyone to rise up and shine where they are. As we are reminded over and over again, life is too short and unpredictable for us to put on hold chasing after our dreams and visions. While your journey may seem like a blur or full of obstacles, we hope that the honest thoughts & examined perspectives from our AR!SE community members will spur you to keep walking on your unique path of greatness.

As each of us try to navigate through life each day, we can take heart that we no longer have to figure it all out on our own.

So, thank you for choosing to be a part of our AR!SE journey just as we hope to be a part of yours.


Hannah 🤍

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