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Giving Back with AR!SE: Athlete Support fund

“See a need and meet it.”

Earlier in the year, we spoke about our intention to use this platform to give portions of our nett profits to supporting different social causes.

After much discussion and consideration, we are excited to announce that we are embarking on our first cause! It is a leap of faith for us and we have never felt more convicted about embarking on this path. However, our desire to “give back to society” has always been why we started AR!SE in the first place and we felt the need to finally turn this aspiration into action.

Our very first project

From now till May 2023, AR!SE is currently working with various parties to support some of our local athletes who are gunning for the 2023 SEA Games! They are committed athletes who are shy of qualifying for the games and could definitely use additional support considering their circumstances that make their preparations for the games much more challenging.

From this project, we hope to eventually venture out to support other meaningful causes that could very much use our help and support. Nonetheless, we can only accomplish this with every single one of your help and would love to invite you all to join us in giving back to society.

Showing your support

We are opening up 2 support pathways for those of you who would like to show your support:

1) Patronising our Bakehouse & Participating in our events!

By purchasing our bakes & brews and participating in our events, you are contributing to this athletes’ support fund that we are currently working on.

2) Offering a Love Gift

If you like what AR!SE is doing and would like us to continue to do more, you can pledge a love gift of ANY amount that would enable us to sustain our giving back efforts.

(Click here to give a love gift)

Celebrating this milestone with our storewide promotion!

To commemorate this new chapter of our journey, we are running a BAKES & BREWS PROMO from 1 October - 31 December 2022 with no minimum spending required. As slots are limited, we recommend you reserve your order slots as early as possible to avoid missing out on this fantastic promotion!

(Click here to order)

Thank you!

Finally, we would like to say a big thank you to our AR!SE members who played a part in pushing us towards this direction. It would be a huge blessing to have you all on board as we kickstart this journey in helping others to rise up and shine wherever they are.

Let’s arise!


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