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The Price of Excellence

AR!SE to launch sponsorship fundraiser for local athletes.


AR!SE will be embarking on a new sponsorship fundraiser, The Price of Excellence, for local athletes on the Metaviva platform. This fundraiser allows the general public to be more involved in the athletic journey of up-and-coming local athletes by offering both monetary and moral support. In addition, athletes will be able to grow and engage with their community of supporters through the exclusive content they create and the special giveaways that they run.


Becoming a supporter

Through the platform’s launchpad feature which enables supporters to pledge their support by purchasing a fundraiser pass of their choice, pass holders will receive perks and privileges from our 6 different pass tiers starting from as low as $10 and going up to $1,000 with each tier representing a specific amount that supporters can choose to contribute. Proceeds from this fundraiser will be channelled towards meeting the athletes’ needs and funding all project costs incurred.


What fundraiser pass holders can look forward to

All pass holders of The Price of Excellence will have access to exclusive content & giveaway contests along with perks such as promo codes, complimentary movie premiere tickets, and free merchandise. Once a purchase is made, pass holders simply need to download the Metaviva App to unlock these perks by scanning a QR code using the app scanner that will be issued to them after payment is made.  


With the App’s new content feature, pass holders will be able to keep up with every content piece that we will be releasing. Our content seeks to raise awareness of the unique aspects that contribute to an athlete’s ability to perform at an elite level by giving supporters a glimpse into their life through Q&A videos, a day in the life of athletes, competition highlights, and many more. The Metaviva App can be downloaded from the Apple Store and Google Play Store.

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